Elenna Raguin

A website of a French/Swiss Game Artist who likes 3D and VFX.
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Hello ! I’m Elenna Raguin, a Game Artist student at Rubika Supinfogame Valenciennes who always likes to discover and learn news things everyday. I have always been torn between maths and art. I have never thought that I would be able to mix them but when I discovered this game world I got sparkles in my eyes.

An overview of my work…

My Main Work


Visual effects unity 

Avril is a Roguelike made in 4 months with a team of 9 students. Our theme has been randomly chosen :  a skater who does necromancy in the sky

Visual Effects

Visual effects

Go watch some of my visual effects that I made with a lot of love and fun !


3D Modeling

A gallery of some of my 3D project in which I try to improve my modeling skills every weeks.  



  • Unity – Intermediate
  • Photoshop – Upper Intermediate
  • 3DS Max – Intermediate
  • Z Brush – Beginner
  • Substance Painter – Beginner

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