Stylized Sword

3D Modeling


This sword was my first time working on Z brush and Substance Painter. I got really interested about the Z Brush software.

A lovely breakfast

3D Modeling


A quick set of dishes for a lovely breakfast made in two days to better understand the principle of material and render in 3dsMax.

Resident Evil

Unity 3D Modeling Programing

This project was a prototype made in Unity in 3 days, the goal was to get inspired by the Resident Evil’s manor and to make a little puzzle.

I have done all the things in it to go from the 3D modeling to the programing. You’ll have to save the love of your life by cooking an antidote in the cauldron.


Motorbike (WIP)

3D Modeling

This project is a shrimp inspired motorbike in the world and universe of Blade Runner. A Low Poly and a High Poly is done and it will be pass in Z Brush for more details, then baked and textured in Substance Painter and integrated in Unity